Treatment of Special Needs Children

At Chestermere Station Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that children with special needs are unique and require a higher level of care. The Team at Chestermere Station Pediatrics are trained and experienced in providing personalized, individual care to all patients. Since we treat children with a broad spectrum of needs, you can trust our team to provide your child with the highest quality of care.

We are acutely aware that parents of children with special needs often feel uneasy about their children receiving regular dental care; however, early oral care should not be put off. In fact, children with special needs are more susceptible to oral health issues and may require more specialized care.

Our pediatric dentistry team has experience in providing care to a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Autism
  • Hearing & Vision Impairment
  • Developmental and Learning Disabilities
  • Craniofacial Conditions (for example, cleft palate)

If your child has a harder time coping with sustained dental care, we have sedation options to help your child. These treatment options are safe, effective and can help them get the care they need.

The team at Chestermere Station Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to providing the best dental care possible to this special group of children.

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